Napans committed to 40 Days for Life campaign

by Howard Haupt printed in Napa Valley Register Jul 11, 2021 Updated Aug 2, 2021

In a 2014 letter, the late Margaret McGee Crotty outlined how and why the pro-life movement has tried to protect the lives of unborn babies, babies that abortion supporters have tried to define as “tissue.”

“Some things have not changed over the many years for those of us in the pro-life movement. There continue to be three components of our vigils: 1) prayer and fasting 2) peaceful vigil and 3) community outreach,” she wrote.

“The focus has been ever the same. It is the closing down of the largest provider of abortions worldwide (by their own admission), Planned Parenthood. In Napa, the prayers and 12-hour-a-day vigil takes place in front of Planned Parenthood 1735 Jefferson St.”

What has changed locally since Margie’s letter?

Napa’s pro-life movement has a new, younger leadership team. Through technology and science, our young people easily grasp the truth of life in the womb.

However, the business of chemical abortion goes on as usual at Planned Parenthood, abortions that can safely be reversed if an expectant mother acts quickly. (

Because the lives of the unborn continue to be threatened, there is now a continuing presence of prayer people and sidewalk counselors, not just during the scheduled fall and spring campaigns.

The most significant change would please Margie the most. The new Napa Womens Center is on Jefferson Street immediately next door to Planned Parenthood. The center opened last summer and is a convenient location that offers free and confidential pregnancy services (

Margaret McGee Crotty is well known for her love of children, keen Irish wit, and her strong faith. Earlier this week she would have been 82. She left quite a legacy.

Howard Haupt


The Pro-life Myth

by Chris D Craiker printed in the Napa Valley Register on Jul 22, 2021 Updated Aug 2, 2021

In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Howard Haupt tries to paint a pretty picture of the so-called Pro-life Campaign Against Women (“Napans committed to 40 Days for Life campaign,” July 12). Their denying that women have a right to choose is not mentioned, let alone respected in any of their literature.

Anyone that has had to walk the gauntlet at the Jefferson Street Planned Parenthood knows the intimidation extended to all that pass. The sidewalk there isn’t safe for anyone, especially women.

The so-called, “Pro-Life Movement“ has little to do with protecting unborn babies. Like voter suppression, this is another way to keep a defenseless citizenry under their minority’s thumb. Both anti-voter suppressionist and Pro-Choicers are the majority population in this country but small vocal and callous minorities are determined to keep women and minorities in bondage.

Chris d Craiker


The Intimidation Quotient

Tom Riley printed in the Napa Valley Register on Aug 2, 2021

Chris d Craiker writes to excoriate Col. Howard Haupt for “painting a pretty picture” of Napa’s 40 Days for Life campaign (“The Pro-life myth,” July 23). Apparently, Col. Haupt is supposed to express only Craiker’s views when writing to the paper. Apparently, the Colonel is required to paint a dark and foreboding picture of the very enterprise that he himself is promoting.

The picture that Craiker himself paints is ludicrous — and rooted in an ignorance so profound that it seems incorrigible. For personal reasons, I remain uninvolved in Napa’s 40 Days campaign — but I regularly drive by when protesters are present.

Usually, there are two or three middle-aged ladies holding signs or saying their rosaries. Opposed to them is a Planned Parenthood escort in a pink vest. It’s hard to figure out what would have a grown man trembling as he faced this “gauntlet.”

My assessment of the intimidation quotient of the 40 Days campaign was shared by Napa’s former police chief, Robert Plummer, in testimony before the Napa City Council. Nothing scary there, folks. Calm down.

My assessment is also backed by common sense, which Craiker should call upon more often when he gets the vapors. If pro-lifers were actually obstructing access to Planned Parenthood, they would already be subject to criminal charges under California and federal law. No charges, however, have been forthcoming. Inevitable conclusion: no obstruction is occurring.

Still, fear is in the bowels of the perceiver. Col. Haupt: stop terrifying Chris d Craiker. And you ladies: you cut it out, too.

Tom Riley