Life Chain Napa 2020 will be on November 1. Meet at the corner of Jefferson & Trancas at 1:45 PM. Life Chain goes until 3:00 PM. Hope you can come!

The Napa Valley for over 20 years has taken part in the national Life Chain event on the first Sunday of October — a day designated by most Christian churches to recognize the dignity of life.  Basing this activity on the experiences and advice of National Life Chain, the Napa event invites all Christians to participate.  Many Protestants and Catholics take part.

Beginning each year in April, the local Life Chain Planning Committee contacts all churches in the area and also finds people in as many churches as possible to serve as contacts, spreading the word as suitable to the particular church.  Pastors are contacted first and asked to cooperate.  If they are not interested at this time, we respect their decision, resign ourselves, and try again the next year.  Many are enthusiastic, spread the word from the pulpit, and then attend the event themselves – the best way to encourage people to attend.

Napa Valley Culture of Life (NVCL) supports Life Chain by suggesting people who might wish to take part in the planning and by giving financial support as needed.  NVCL support and “back-up” assures the ability to plan and conduct Napa Life Chain each year.


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